George’s Seafood Distributors, Inc. is a “full line” wholesale, processor and distributor of
seafood, servicing the State of Virginia.

For nearly 40 years, the George’s Seafood name has been synonymous with the highest quality seafood products available.

Originally founded in 1979, by George Georgiades, the Company operated as “George’s Seafood Inc. George and his Brothers, John and Chris (Sons of Greek immigrants) grew up along the shores of the Lafayette River and developed a passion for fish and
fishing. Today, more than 40 years later, the three brothers are still intimately involved in the business and possess that same passion for “beautiful fish”.

During its formative years the Company strictly sold fresh fish to a few select, local supermarkets and restaurants, which were procured from local fisherman.

Over the decades, the Company’s customer base grew and expanded outside the borders of the State of Virginia. Consequently, it became necessary to diversify the Company.

In 1995, John Georgiades, along with his childhood “Fishing Buddy” Rick Geers (a son of Dutch immigrants) formed George’s Seafood Distributors, Inc, to handle the processing
and distribution of Seafood for Supermarkets and white tablecloth Restaurants, in the state of Virginia. While, George’s Seafood Inc. focused on packing and shipping raw, unprocessed fish nationally, as well as internationally.

Today, the two companies operate side by side, maintaining the same original focus and passion for fresh fish.

George’s Seafood Distributors, Inc. still works closely with many local “gill net”, “Pound net” as well as “Hook and line” fishermen on the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia’s Eastern Shore, procuring the freshest and highest quality local fish available. These fish are cut to order and in most instances, delivered to Customers the same day.

It is also worth noting that George’s Seafood Distributors is one of only a few Fish Purveyors in the State of Virginia to achieve BRC Certification “for Food safety and sanitation, receiving an “AA” rating.

Finally, and most importantly, the George’s Seafood name has been synonymous with fresh Seafood for nearly 4 decades and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, ecosystem is a top priority of the Company. Sustainability is more than a “catch word” to us, but a commitment to working in fisheries that are managed responsibly; thereby ensuring their commercial viability for future generations.



John Georgiades


George’s Seafood Distributors, Inc.

3347 Chesapeake Boulevard

Norfolk, Virginia 23513

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